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Irrigation-64px ped-dnv intelkia  Smart irrigation

Intrinsically integrate prospective functionalities for interactive communication to generate economically sound infrastructures before the process.

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metering-64 ped-dnv intelkia  Smart Metering

Devices that make your network smart. Measurement of consumption and monitoring of simple and efficient events.

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City-smart-64px ped-dnv intelkia  Smart Cities

The services of your city must be intelligent. Implement vertical services in a fast and integrable way with your management systems.

Ours Partners

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Low Cost

Both the communication devices and the connectivity with the Operator is inferior to the traditional connectivity through GSM or

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Low Energy Consumption

Low Energy Consumption
The devices can last for more than five years using a standard batterybattery. They do not need a mains connection.

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Ease of use and implementation

As the network is deployed by Cellnex, it does not require the creation or maintenance of its own infrastructure. The products designed are Plug & Play

Some of our services and products

We have IoT devices and engineering services that will allow you to give a smart solution to your challenge.

Connector with 16 actuators
Consulting and Training
ENVIRONMENTAL Weather station for environmental parameters connected to Sigfox
Integration of IoT / M2M Systems
Platform IoT Software in the cloud and web and mobile applications.
MULTICONT 5 Module to connect Sigfox up to 5 meters with pulse output
STICKNTRACK GPS tracking of your assets by SigFox
Y-FLOW Medium caliber. Connected Ultrasonic Water Counter 50, 65, 80 mm

Smarten your World

Do you know the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the technological revolution that allows the interconnection of everyday objects. The Internet of Things, or IoT of its acronyms in English, allows among other applications to monitor the consumption of our home or company. We can receive alerts in case of Reach the limits of consumption or if there is any incidence.
Thanks to IoT our company, house or installation will be more efficient saving energy and sustainable costs derived from savings in consumption. It will be more ecological due to its respect for natural resources and profitable thanks to increased productivity and economic savings.
The IoT also allows us to keep track of our most precious assets or assets at all times or maintain the safety of our homes.
Learn more about the Internet of Things in our video.
Intelkia is your perfect ally to face the transformation of IoT In constant evolution we look for companies with which to collaborate and talented people who want to work with us.

Innovative connectivity solution

The Internet solutions of the Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) need their own communications network that allow a simple implementation, that is efficient in the energy expenditure and that is advantageous in economic terms. At Intelkia we study your need for communication and we incorporate to your solution the technology that best suits you, always trying to fulfill the following premises:

  • Ease of implementation.
  • Low cost.
  • High security.
  • Low energy consumption.

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