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Connector with 16 actuators

Connector with 16 actuators

This automated device of generic use that can be used both in smart cities as well as in the industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors.

The main characteristic is the possibility of remote operation and operation. Thanks to its GPRS modem can be programmed over the internet, can send alarm messages and receive programming using text messages (SMS). By accessing the web platform programadores.intelkia.com with your user and your password, you can control all installed devices, each with its current configuration or saved.

It has a specialized programming in security, giving it all the characteristics of a modern alarm system. It also has the function of astronomical relay, calculating the time of dawn and dusk, eliminating the need for a twilight sensor.

The power supply is ready to charge a battery, so the autonomy of operation is guaranteed.

Irrigation Programmer Technical Specifications 16

Main features:

  • 16 actuators with 13 timers each.
  • 7 digital alarms.
  • 2 analog alarms.
  • 1 temperature alarm.
  • counters.
  • button.
  • gsm/gprs card for sms and data.
  • web platform for remote control.

Communication interface:
  • wireless: gprs network.

Product details:

  • without moving parts.
  • compact design.

Properties and options:

  • din rail or ip65.
  • powered or by battery and solar plate.
  • remote keypad for alarm system.
  • variety of sensors: temperature, humidity, ph, etc.


  • energetic management of municipalities, municipal gardens, roundabouts, median, etc.
  • automation of pool maintenance.
  • smart houses and domotics.
  • applications in farms and industry.
  • remote measurement of parameters.

  • Date Wednesday May 24th, 2017
  • Tags Metering, Smart Cities
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