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STICKNTRACK GPS tracking of your assets by SigFox

STICKNTRACK GPS tracking of your assets by SigFox

The merger of the companies Sensolus and Intelkia has allowed the development of a complete vertical service of monitoring and sensing their assets. The STICKNTRACK solution consists of a hardware device of Sigfox technology of low consumption and a web platform for management of the service. This device is designed to maintain the traceability of your assets, without having to be connected to the electric current.

Its main feature is its ease of installation and start-up. It is not necessary to connect it to any bus or cable of your truck or car and it is not necessary to be powered. Just post it and start tracking your assets. Based on Sigfox’s LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network, it allows the localization of assets through GPS, indications about its use, according to the parameters of its assets and alarm systems. Accessing the web platform stickntrack.intelkia.com with its user and password, you can control all the installed devices, each with its current configuration, design alarms and make a remote diagnosis of them.

The data transfer is encrypted with industrial encryption keys of each device. It has an out-of-coverage algorithm that allows you to ensure the integrity of the data as much as possible, keeping the data stored and synchronizing it when you find coverage.

Our system is unique for three fundamental reasons:

  1. It is a fully integrated product, including hardware and software for a complete tracking of your assets.
    No wiring or recharging is required.
  2. It is designed for low-power, ready-to-run applications.
  3. It is self-installable and extremely simple to assemble.
    More information on our product specific web in several languages

    SticknTrack Technical Specifications

Some features:

  • Real time control of the POSITION of each team.
  • Possibility of establishing GEOZONAS to have an alert when your equipment leaves outside a predetermined zone.
  • It controls the GRADE OF USE of each equipment by the vibration or by the change of position of the same.
  • It works as ANTI-DRIVE system since you can set an alarm when the equipment starts to move.
  • Powered by AA batteries.
  • Web platform for remote control.

Communication Interface:

  • Red Sigfox.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy y/o NFC (opcional)

Properties and options:

  • IP65 through screws and plastic fasteners.
  • Powered by battery.
  • Interface for additional external sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.).
  • Fully documented platform API for integration into other management systems.


  • Control of machinery rental.
  • Transport companies.
  • Asset Management.
  • Construction companies, agriculture, etc.

Product Details:

  • No moving parts.
  • Compact design.
  • Date Tuesday May 23rd, 2017
  • Tags Rastreador GPS, Tracking
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